Fitted Furniture Refurbishment

I am a strong advocate of giving old pieces of furniture a second chance.

As we all know, fashion, style and the shape of furniture changes over time, certain pieces of furniture can become dated and tired and no longer have the same appeal. The large and often dated fitted pieces of furniture such as fitted wardrobes, storage or shelving units and bathroom vanity units can begin to look old and tired. Our first reaction can be to remove the piece of furniture and replace it with a new item. Instead, why not take a moment or two to consider the possibilities of furniture restoration. This allows you to breathe a new life and soul into the room by painting the furniture instead of having it replaced.

Transform your old tired room

Painting fitted and free standing furniture is amongst the most satisfying and rewarding work that I do. Transforming a piece of furniture always has a massive impact not only the piece itself but also to the space it occupies – giving a room the wow factor!

Time and Cost

Painting fitted furniture causes less disruption to your daily life than replacing it does. This is particularly the case with fitted furniture such as wardrobes. Replacing items like this almost always leads to the need to redecorate the entire room.

You can however achieve a new stunning look in a few days with little or no disruption as opposed to days/weeks of ripping out old furniture and replacing it with new units.

There’s no question that painting your fitted furniture is far cheaper than buying new units, you can get the look and feel of a brand new piece of furniture at a fraction of the cost.

Environmentally friendly

Painting your furniture is one of the most environmentally friendly options when looking to upgrade your home. New life is breathed into old units which can continue to be used for many years, with no waste from discarded furniture.

Furthermore, the paints I use to achieve a stunning finish on all of my projects are high quality waterborne furniture paints. These have very low levels of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), with M1 emission classifications (Finish Interior Air Association). This is the top classification for interior paints, making them friendlier to the environment with less risk of upset to children, the elderly and pets.

Style, finish and colour

You can choose your own style and finish for your furniture – a flawless, sleek or modern finish, or a ‘shabby-chic’ look can be achieved by painting. I discuss your furniture refurbishment preferences during the initial consultation. A unique and beautifully painted piece can transform a room, and you can add individual features such as specially chosen handles to complete your unique unit.

Paint can tinted to almost any colour. I can match all Farrow and Ball colours in a variation of finishes from matt to gloss levels. You have complete choice over the design and finish of your furniture.

Fitted furniture restoration and refurbishment across Hale, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Knutsford and further. I am based in the North West but I am happy to travel further afield if necessary, including overseas. Wherever you are, please get in contact today.